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A Regenerative Injection Treatment That Stimulates The Body’s Natural Healing Processes To Strengthen Joints That Have Been Weakened Or Damaged By Over Use Or Traumatic Injury.

Joints can become weakened when ligaments and tendon attachments become stretched, torn or fragmented making joints hyper mobile and or painful. Prolotherapy treatment offers the unique ability to treat numerous musculoskeletal conditions and address the cause of unstability. Prolotherapy is a very good alternative to pain medications, surgery and steroid shots and can actually stimulate new fibrous tissues resulting in permanent stabilization of the joint which can permanently fix the originating cause of the pain. Prolotherapy offers many benefits over the typical steroid and surgical treatments which can cause degenerative effects.

Why Prolotherapy?

* Prolotherapy is a regenerative treatment.
* Prolotherapy is safe &
* Prolotherapy allows the patient to keep working and or or training.
* Prolotherapy works synergistically with movement and activity.

How Prolotherapy Works?

Prolotherapy is really very simple. A precise injection is used to introduce a mild irritant directly onto the injured ligament or tendon causing a mild controlled injury. Because we all know that the body heals by inflammation, we all need inflammation to heal our bodies and the mild irritant causes the body to react to the injected irritant which begins the body’s own natural healing mechanisms to lay down new collagen which is the same material ligaments and tendons are made of. And the new collagen matures it shrinks thus tightening the weakened structure. Additional treatments repeat this vital process allowing for a natural build up of tissue to restore the original strength to the area. tissue on the weakened area.

What is in the Solution that is Injected?

Prolotherapy injections include various anesthetic and natural substances which will trigger the body’s healing responses. One of the benefits to coming to Sheitelman Medical and Chiropractic Center, is we have experience using various ingredients. There are a variety of substances and we will make sure to tailor the treatment to best fit your specific injury. Some patients have injuries that respond best to very strong solutions using fatty acid, hormones, or even cellular solutions using Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) or even Stem Cell therapy. While others respond best to a solution with additional anesthetic to help ease acute pain more immediately. Don’t trust just anyone for your treatment. Technique matters when receiving Prolotherapy.

For more information on Prolotherapy Treatments and if they are right for you please call Sheitelman Medical Center at 623-214-7600 or click to send us an email.

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